Who are we?

We are diverse. We believe different things. We vote for different people. We work in different fields and come from different parts of the country. We are community, academic and business leaders. Most of us are mothers.

But, we are all Americans. We all want a better leadership model for our communities and countries that will herald a way past divisiveness and polarization.

The Founders

Dawn Mays, Managing Editor

Campaign Manager.  MBA student. Central Floridian. Happily Married Mother of Three. School Volunteer. Conservative. 

Gayla Schaefer, Managing Editor

Writer. MPA. Displaced Floridian Making Memphis Home. Happily Married Mother of Twins. School Parent Teacher Group President. Progressive. 

The Contributors

Carol Colter

Mother. MPA Candidate. Food Policy Follower.

Deidre Comegys Gordon Wilson

Mother. Educator. Journalist.

Marilyn Fontana

Mother. Teacher. Artist. PhD Student.

Jessica Hughes

Young Mom. Missionary Student. Baker. Adventurer.

Delaina Siler

Mother. Tech Writer. Marketing Maven. Humorous Author of My Effing Cookbook.

Stu Weisbrod

Father. Statistician.  Husband of Parent Education Specialist.

The Researcher

Jessica Brown

Newly Wed. MPA. Research Analyst.

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