…And the Greatest of these is Love

17 Dec

Amy Latta provides a heartfelt leadership example based on compassion and respect. Such leadership in all levels of our lives will go a long way towards healing the divisions in our nation so we can deal with these important issues at hand in terms of policy.

First, we must remember this lesson and teach our children. Leaders must set the example: be they parents, teachers, or politicians.


(I wrote most of this post on Saturday morning, but I took some time for reflection and editing as I processed my emotions over this past weekend.)

I have been behind on blogging, which happens. I do my best each December not to go batshit crazy, and somethings have to take a backseat so that I can get done what I need done and still enjoy the month. Unfortunately, that means this blog sometimes. I have a lot of topics to blog about….setting goals for 2013, the importance of writing down said goals, confessing my Advocare Fail and why I will still do it again. I will get to these, but today let us address the elephant in the room.

This morning, I put my first-grade, six-year-old son back on a school bus. In the seat behind him sat a precious little girl from his Kindergarten class last year, a little…

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