The Reluctant, Non-Conformist Leader

11 Dec

Generational leadership succession planning and development in the public sector requires new attitudes and insights into how Gens X and Y think.

The X and Y focus discussed here by Blanchard on collaboration, work-life balance, and less hierarchical organizations offers real challenges to the public sector’s rigid bureaucratic structure. It also offers real opportunities for change leadership from new types of @LeaderVoices such as we advocate for on the Leadership Voices blog.

It is time to bring these “reluctant, non-conformist leaders” and support their redefined methods of shared leadership into the government sector.

Why Lead Now

Lately, I have been listening to friends and colleagues regarding their desired career path. You know, the whole, “someday, when I grow up I want to be a (fill in the blank here)” conversation? For the longest time, I believed my own reluctance to lead, my unwillingness to sacrifice my own happiness just to earn that corner office with the window and prime parking spot, set me apart. That somehow I was special and unique and on a different path. I figured that rebellious streak; the non-conformist…defined by my lack of desire to be an executive took me down a road much less traveled.

Not so much…

…turns out, I am not alone.

From my coworkers and friends, I am hearing a definite reluctance to lead. It seems there has been so much focus on scurrying about to determine just how to lead Gen X and Y that the question of…

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